Utilise the power of crowdAI to instantly gather images from multiple cameras around the world.

edge AI

edgeAI for CCTV cameras

Aero Ranger edgeAI box turns many cameras into a smart AI solution

edgeAI algorithms can analyze 1000s of images for anomalies to notify teams in real-time without the need to visualise imagery. 

Using CCTV coupled with edgeAI technology, Aero Ranger can survey an area quickly,  accurately, and autonomously. 

edgeAI allows collaborative and immediate incident response as well as data gathering and categorising for future behaviour analysis. 

edge AI

Geo located notifications when it matters

Find what your are looking for with the power of image analysis

Once an anomaly has been detected within the surveyed area, teams can be notified in real time so they can take appropriate action or compare with historical records.

edge AI

web interface for your whole team

Full searchability on steroids

Every survey now has AI intellegent features attached meaning you can now search for a feature within a specific region or timeframe.

edge AI

The Importance Of Simplicity

Aero Ranger edgeAI box turns any camera into a smart AI camera

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