Aero Ranger's edgeAI powered ANPR system disrupts the industry with a cost effective SaaS solution for all.

edge AI

Any vehicle, CCTV or drone

Aero Ranger edgeAI box turns any camera into an smart AI camera able to detect, recognise and share intelligence across the cloud.

Free yourself from expensive OCR based ANPR camera systems that can’t tell the difference between a street sign and a licence plate.  

Plug-in edgeAI and your data with be stored to your specifications and monitored against a hotlist. 

edge AI

Full AI vehicle recognition

Aero Ranger edgeAI box turns any camera into an intelligent notification and search device.

EdgeANPR isn’t merely a plate recognition system, its a fully featured artificial intelligence engine that also detects the make, model colour, body type and age of the vehicles. 

EdgeANPR coupled with the aero ranger cloud-based platform; teams can be notified and collaborate in real-time on traffic incidents throughout a department, across organizations or even borders.

edge AI

Multi Camera in car Systems

Aero Ranger edgeAI box turns any car into an intelligent notification and search vehicle.

Add additional points of capture by capturing from car, drone, CCTV and mobile. The Aero Ranger multi-camera edgeAI platform includes “all you can eat” AI detection that is performed 100% in car. Watch-lists may also be added for real time alerts of detected BOLO vehicles.

All imagery + accompanying data is sent to an easy to use and search dashboard for historical searching.

edge AI

web interface for your whole team

Full searchability on steroids

Every plate read now has AI vehicle features attached. Meaning you can now search for a vehicle make, model, colour, type or age within a specific region or timeframe.  Choose our custom machine learning service, an let our Cloud AI make sense of all the data, providing predictive inferencing across your entire dataset.