Aero Ranger drone app reaches over 25000 pilots

Our drone piloting app has been used by over 25000 pilots to collaborate with team members on a myriad of missions. Aero Ranger was designed to give emergency responders a more robust tool for spotting and communicating anomalies within the vision of the drone using AI. 

Congratulations to Aero Ranger. Very nice app indeed. I have used it several times now and it has performed flawlessly. It was rough (for me) to get going with it, but once I learned the layout and principles behind it, it worked as promised. I intend to use the app for photogrametry, which it is perfect for. Very nice work on this app!

Gary Wildgoose

Congratulations to the team. This is a great application one of the best if not the best I’ve seen so far for intermediate to advanced users. I look forward to using it more and using its more advanced features. 1) This app is one of the greatest tools for an engineer or project manager of different kinds… e.g. in shipping, shipyards, buildings, farms, plots etc. OR simply for fun photos – videos during holiday etc 2) at the moment I have a DJI Mavic Air… which works very well with the app. Particularly impressed you can program and upload the data then drone takes off and executes mission, then returns to base. 3) This is app may be used for leisure to take videos from landscapes etc but its full potential is as described above i.e. engineers, project managers, inspections. I use the sure 4) The web interface is great. and the Mobile App too. BOTH have HUGE potential and with BETA feedback am sure both will improve soon.

Jason Frydakis