Redaction at the camera

Privacy at the core

Gain important decision making analytics whilst protecting the privacy of the public.

CCTV AI is on the increase for various purposes which aim to help decision making for public assets. AI can produce statistics, heat maps and demographic information on the use of these public spaces. 
Aero Ranger have added computer vision body tracking, segmentation and AR to redact people within a live vision camera. We are using this simple solution in scenarios where the statistics of people within a location is valuable for decision making (such as a project to improve a city park) but the identification of those people is not required. This gives the option for anonymised data that can not be retroactively scanned against biometric data.

Heatmap your Assets

Live visual based heatmaps

Every plate read now has AI vehicle features attached. Meaning you can now search for a vehicle make, model, colour, type or age within a specific region or timeframe.

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