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from vehicle, drone, cctv & mobile

Empower your organisation by turning your streamed imagery into a fully featured AI data analytics tool


AI powered geo-tagged image analytics via a simple & secure web interface with predictive AI inferencing and real-time alerts.

Cloud based AI analytics and Notifications

Power any camera anywhere anytime. Aero Ranger can analyse any video stream of and tag anomolies whilst storing the visual evidence in your own secure cloud dashboard. Aero Ranger can also be set to send real-time notifications.

edgeAI Analytics And Notifications

Aero Ranger edgeAI hardware transforms any IP camera into a smart AI camera. Our edgeAI minimises latency and saves Internet bandwidth. edgeAI engines can be custom trained to suit client needs.

Small Size and Modular System

Over The Air Real-Time Alerts​

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR/ALPR)

Fully scablable SaaS architecture

Machine Learning

ISO 27001 and IRAP "Protected" Security Certified

Vehicle Colour, Make & Model recognition at the edge.

Secure Public and Private Cloud Services

powering organisations worldwide

– City Asset Analytics
– Police operations
– Construction monitoring

– Security monitoring
– Logistic monitoring
– Parking enforcement

– Research 
– Environmental monitoring
– Transport monitoring and counting

– Livestock monitoring and counting
– Crowd monitoring and notification
– Search and Rescue

edgeAI is a cross platform vision identification system which identifies, counts & curates vehicles whilst alerting teams of anomalies and suspect activity

edge AI

plug-n-play any camera

Aero Ranger edgeAI box turns any camera into an intelligent notification and search device.

The Aero Ranger edgeAI plug-n-play system can input IP, USB, HDMI & SDI feeds and turn them into useful information.

The edgeAI system enables cost-effective scaling of security systems within an organisation without the need for additional personnel.

All footage is categorised by the AI system and stored within the cloud archives for easy search or high priority alerts can be set to notify staff immediately.

cloud dashboard

imagery at your fingertips

Once categorised, teams can search and collaborate with historical records with the power of AI. 

AI training

Multiple use AI

Aero Ranger edgeAI and virtualAI trained to your specifications.

We can train Aero Ranger to your specifications. By dropping in the correct machine learning to your edgeAI or virtualAI hardware, Aero Ranger can be trained to look, notify, and archive imagery that helps your specific business.

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